Sunday, May 07, 2006


Independent blogs appear to have survived the Singapore election campaign period unscathed. There have been no reports of blogs being asked by MDA to register as “political” sites, which would have had the effect of banning them from electioneering.

That bloggers’ worst fears didn’t materialise could well be due to their irrelevance in the larger scheme of things. As in GEs past, the main action was offline, at the rallies and mainstream media.

So, what difference did blogs make? There was little if anything that was “exclusive” to the blogs. Nothing approaching investigative journalism. Few (printable) perspectives that hadn’t already been given some airing elsewhere.

Probably the most widely circulated blog contributions were the pictures of the WP’s Hougang rally, showing an absolutely packed field. Humour was also popular: the Mr Brown Show's "persistently non-political podcast", in particular, was a delicious talking point.


"James Gomez" is ranked as the #2 search term worldwide on


xpyred said...

It's still far too early to tell, sir. I think we should take a hint from James Gomez's surprise arrest - and by surprise, I mean I was well and truly surprised - about blogs weathering the wrath of the incumbent. Of course, winning the elections means the PAP can be magnanimous should it so choose... but I'm not putting any money down on bloggers getting out of this unscathed.

Mezzo said...

Hey, at least credit Yawningbread for his photo.

fuzzoo said...

I feel the biggest impact that the blogs had was to create a sense of community and belongingness since many who discussed politics online were pro-opposition. Discovering and connecting with others like yourself can be very empowering. There is strength in numbers and perhaps from that, many will find the courage and conviction to come forward and join a political party.

callandor said...

I'm pretty sure that as time goes by, the next generation will definately be more dependent on blogs for news.

Let's not forget that most overseas Singaporeans may have relied on blogs for news, ignoring the mainstream media due to the extremely biased coverage.

XrystalClear said...

Good start. But U can be sure the incumbent will not take this lying down. Until the old man leave the scene the change will be very unlikely.... when that time come it will be "See Pay Ho" ... a literal translation of this Hokkien heartlander's saying will then ring true !

See Peh Ho said...

Not until the old Lee leave the scene for good otherwise change will be very unlikely.... When that time come it will be "See Peh Ho" ... a literal translation of this Hokkien heartlander's saying will then ring true !

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