Saturday, April 29, 2006


Most blog fans will know Technorati as a popular search engine that looks for blogs on your chosen topic. Technorati is a global resource, but Singaporeans are among its biggest users. As a result, the term "Singapore election" is #4 on the Technorati list of the world's most popular searches right now ("American Idol" is #1). The term "Singapore" is #15.

What will the blog-hungry find? At least two blogs are already reporting and commenting on the hustings, undeterred by the rules on online electioneering that have kicked in:

  • Firmly opposition-leaning. Includes streaming video from the Workers Party's debut rally at Aljunied.

  • Includes more personal and whimsical reports from the rallies.

    Others that may cover the elections but are not yet active:

  • Run by “Thrasymachus” self-described as a “True-Blue Singaporean”


  • Aggregates independent video and audio coverage “without commentary”.

    As for political party sites, SDP's was asked to take down its video content, which the Election Department said violated elecion rules. The SDP has complied.


    KiWeTO said...

    Hi Cherian,

    for a pre-blogging era blog coverage, try too

    {An ex-student.}

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